A life after birth?

A life after birth?


A life after birth? Posted 6 September 2011

Once upon a time in the stomach of a pregnant woman, there were a couple of twins. A few hours before birth, they both had something interesting to say…

Twin 1: Say, do you believe in a life after birth?

Twin  2: Yeah, I fully believe that!

Twin 1 : What nonsense! There’s no life after birth! Practice has shown that none has ever come back “after birth”!

Twin 2 : What kind of evidence is that? First, none can come back “after birth”, and secondly none wants back either!

Twin 1 : Why won’t anyone come back? What do you want to do after birth?

Twin  2: Oh, there so much I’m going to do! I’m going to wander around the beautiful nature and enjoy the wonderful colors of the flowers and the leaves, and I’m going to take pizza between my teeth and eat it…

Twin 1 : Ridiculous! It’s scientifically proven that we get our nourishment through the umbilical cord. Only notice how short it is; how do you wanna run away with that behind you? Besides, there’s nothing to see! All is dark! And can you prove what’s the difference between green and black?

Twin  2: Here in our mothers stomach we’re still blind, but when we arrive in the real life, then we’ll see with our own eyes that’s how it is! Science has proven…okay, here we get our nourishment through the umbilical cord, but in the life outside it will be totally different! It will be so amazing and different that you can’t even imagine it!

Twin  1: I only believe in what I see, and I don’t see anything! But one more thing: Do you believe there’s a mother?

Twin  2: Of course I believe in a mother!

Twin  1: Nonsense! Where’s your mother? I can’t see her!

Twin  2: Our mother is everywhere! She surrounds us and we’re in her. We live of her, and we wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for her! She loves us and can barely wait to hold us in her arms!

Twin  1: So, she loves us?! Why do we sit here in the dark then, and why do we have to die soon?

Twin  2: Soon it’s birthday, not death-day!

Twin  1: You fanatic! Aren’t you afraid of dying?!

Twin  2: No, we’re good on our way to the new and real life! The meaning of our existence here is to prepare for life out there!

Twin  1: No! Meaning of life is to enjoy it as long as possible here! Let’s eat and drink, cause tomorrow we die!

Twin  2: No, we won’t! Soon it’s our birthday, and that day we will celebrate through all the long life our there! I think that the contractions has already started! Soon we’ll be in the actual life!

Twin  1: I don’t wanna die!

Twin  2: It’s unbelievable that you can’t realize the truth!…Me for one sake, is looking forward to it, even now when it’s getting pretty intense! But the suffering in here is nothing compared to the exuberant glory we’ll have with our mother!

Mom, here I come!

(From “Det virkelige livet er tøft!” (The real life is hard!) by Kornelius Novak)

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Olav Fjærli | Svar 26.09.2011 11.15

Så fin en side du har laget broder! Ser du bruker samme web-verktøy som meg. Artig det... Historien med de to tvillingene var særskilt bra! Broderhilsen Olav

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07.03 | 17:26

Hei Gjermund Kvamme Denne siden så jeg akkurat nå. Vil gjerne følge dette, for det virker som god og sunn forkynnelse.
Mvh Johnny Fredheim

13.12 | 00:41

Dere er heldige som har fått Ruths bok åpenbart. Jeg har lenge undret meg over at så mange blir så velsignet av fortellingen der. Venter på åpenbaringen!

05.11 | 08:46

Supert Gjermund.. Norges svar på Paul Washer Det er dette vi trenger mer av..

19.10 | 18:12

Dette er sant slik skulle det bli i di siste tider. Nå må folk våkne opp og se hva er rett og hva er vranglære. Jesus kommer snart Amem

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