Beware of false prophets!

Beware of false prophets!

Evangelist Gjermund Kvamme

Beware of false prophets!

Beware of false prophets! Matthew 7:15 Jesus warns us and says: But beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves! Then Jesus says that we shall know it by their fruits and that they practiced lawlessness and that they do not do God's will. On the final day, many of them stand before the Lord and defend himself by saying that it has done great signs and wonders in Jesus' name but the Lord will say to them: I never knew you. Depart from me you who practice lawlessness. Many false prophets are gone out into the world.Also among us as God's people. Do not be seduced to believe that this only applies to foreign religions and all other situations an our! This is a warning to all the Terms of the people and also people of God! Beware of false prophets! 


2 Peter 2:1-3: But it also arose false prophets among the people, even as it and among you shall be false teachers, who will deceive the perverse doctrine that leads to destruction, as they even deny the Master who bought them, and leads of himself, a sudden destruction. And many will follow them later in their shamelessness, and for their sake way of truth shall be mocked, and the covetousness shall they with opdiktede words exploit you for their gain. But the verdict on them is from ancient times is not idle, and their destruction does not sleep 


These have again been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. But they deny Jesus as Lord. They want to have Jesus as Savior and economic contributor but denies he as Lord. They have a forkynnnelse that lead people into a lawless process with little respect for God's word. Many will follow them! They are driven by avarice. Using his followers to make money to enrich themselves. They come with oppdiktetde words to lead people and Especially the people of God for themselves. But listen to the earth and listen to church! The verdict on them is not idle and their destruction does not sleep! So is there for us to look into the Lord's presence, away from the false prophets and into a life in fear of God in our Lord Jesus. 


2 Peter 2: :9-12: provided that knows the Lord to deliver the godly from temptation, but to keep the unrighteous in custody under penalty of Judgement Day, most of them going after the flesh of unclean desire and despise dominion. The smug venture necks! The shaking is not to mock the high powers, while the dog angels, which is greater in strength and power, do not perform to the Lord some mocking judgments against them, but these, like irrational animals, by nature born to be caught and perish - they should because they mock what they do not know, also pass away in their depraved 


The false prophets mocks high powers and comes with big words about themselves to the evil åndehær. But many of them go even after the flesh of unclean desire. The skalter and Valter with Christian morals and commandments, and taking in marriage and giving in marriage without a thought for the Day of Judgement is at hand over all evil and unloving towards his neighbor. They behave like irrational animals. They love and hate injustice, right and law. Therefore, they also reward of unrighteousness. 


2 Pet :13-15 and get the iniquity salary. They take great pleasure in using the day to well-being, these ugly and shameful stains, they indulge in their deceit while they're fine with you, they have eyes that are full of whore and insatiable for sin, the allure impressionable souls, they have a heart that is opøvd in covetousness, they curse children! They have abandoned the bene way and gone astray, having followed Balaam Beor son's way, he loved iniquity salary 


So beware, the people of God, for the false prophets! Do not make common cause with their path. The lure impressionable souls to perdition. Become so entrenched in the Word and grounded in truth. Nothing else is enough to be recorded in our time.Only the Word lamp can light the way so we do not want to go and join them in the dark of night. Therefore, these false prophets deceiving multitudes of new believers souls who have truly experienced Jesus. But with empty words and praise lures the false prophets of them in the flesh, those who have just escaped from those who walk in it in this world. Although these false prophets come with big and boastful words about what God has given them and use them are those that solve the water wells and the darkness night stands ready for them. They have no source of living water. 


17-21: These are aqueous wells, mist driven by storm winds, the dark night is ready for them. For when they speak boastful, empty words, enticing those in the flesh lusts of immoral people who just have escaped from them who walk in delusion, as they promise them liberty, they who are habits's servants, for whom a man is overcome, of the he is and become a slave of. For if they escaped from the world's unclean by having learned our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to know, and then again let himself captured by it and located below it, then it's recently become worse with them than the first. For it was better for them that they had not known the way of righteousness, than that they knew it and so turned away from the holy commandment which was given them. 


So, beware of false prophets, dear friend! Take Moses for example, nor suffer the evil one and have a short-lived pleasure of sin. Reveal the machinations and deceptions in the time leading to the works of the flesh. Spirit and flesh are against each other.One of the main characterized by the false prophets is that it leads into a carnal worship. Let the Spirit's life and power gain control of your life. Follow Jesus to life's narrow way and he will be with you ALL day to the end of the world! 


Have you stepped wrong, then fly back to Cross and ask for forgiveness, new grace and power. He offends you do not go and should in no way leave you. In this way you need not fear any evil for which the Lord will protect you! Wear God's armor so you can stand against the devil in the evil day. Standing, he received firm in the faith. Then he will flee from you scripture says! The best weapon against the lie is the truth. The best weapon against injustice is justice. On this road of life we ??have nothing to fear!Blessed be the God and the Lamb! 


Isaiah 54:14-17: In righteousness shalt thou be established; be far from fear, for you shall have nothing to fear, and from terror, for it shall not come near thee! See, they turn themselves together against you, it's not from me, those who turn themselves together against thee shall fall in the battle against you. See, I create the blacksmith, who breathe in the coal fire and an instrument for his work, and I create a destroyer to destroy. No weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that goes in straight with you, you get convicted, this is the Lord's servants, heritage and the right they have of me, saith the Lord. 

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30.07 | 09:36

Jeg er så enig i det du skriver her. Jeg savner en ren og ekte forkynnelse der Jesu' navn blir opphøyd. Samt en forkynnelse som knytter GT og NT sammen.

18.06 | 06:41

Amen! Vi må regne med trengsel i tiden før Jesus kommer. Om det betyr at vi er i kun trengsels delen eller også Guds vredes delen får tiden vise.

17.06 | 18:58

Mat 24:29  Men straks efter de dagers trengsel skal solen bli formørket, og månen ikke gi sitt skinn, og stjernene skal falle ned fra himmelen, og himmelens krefter skal rokkes. 
Mat 24:30  Og da skal Menneskesønnens tegn vise sig på himmelen, og da skal

07.03 | 17:26

Hei Gjermund Kvamme Denne siden så jeg akkurat nå. Vil gjerne følge dette, for det virker som god og sunn forkynnelse.
Mvh Johnny Fredheim

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