Lord saves with few!

Lord saves with few!

Evangelist and preacher Gjermund Kvamme

Lord saves with few!

When Gideon was to go into battle he would be fewer people to win victory over the enemy's army. Several times he had to send parts of his army home because they did not do things the right way. When he had cleaned up in the Army he could go out to win the victory. This is something to absorb all the relationships that are terrified that someone will pull out because they: Do not tolerate the preaching of God's word, are offended by preaching, want to supplant the old gospel way for the benefit of their own way and methods, etc., etc. 


Let only those who lapped in the water, which is not timid and afraid of controversy and are ready for war to join the fight! The day hiking Gideon a glorious victory against all human odds and procedures! At the back each broke her pitcher, had a fire burning along the torches and had a clean sound the trumpet was a glorious victory! Thus, all Spiritual literally crush their pitcher / her selvliv in obedience to the Word, will be lit on fire by the Holy Spirit and fire, raise the light high and have a clear voice as God's word!Only then can have victory in the kingdom of God with God's help! Blessed be the God and the Lamb! 


Dom 7:20-22: all the three bands supports the trumpets and broke the pitchers, with the left hand grabbed the torches and with the right hand of trumpets and support them and shouted: Sword of the Lord and for Gideon! And they stood each in his place round about the camp, then joined everyone in the camp to run and scream and flee. And they blew the three hundred trumpets, and the Lord turned on the sword against the other in the camp, and those in the camp, fled to Beth-Hasitta almost Serer, to the banks by Abel meholah past Tabbat 


Throughout the Bible we see that the Lord saves and gives victory at the little man and when they get! Always when you are great in themselves or get grandiosity God's people suffer defeat. Contrary to today's focus, in "Christianity at large meetings and focus on those that are successful, wealth, good health, sukserikt and popular in people's eyes. All of this is the show and only spiritual garbage and inconsiderable in God's kingdom. In God's kingdom there are other principles that apply. Here is judged not things or people from such secular principles. FAR FROM WHERE I! God has chosen what is counted for nothing in this world! 


1 Corinthians 1:26-29: To take note of your calling, brethren, that not many wise after the flesh was called, not many mighty, not many high-born, but what is bad in the world, that God chose him to make the show to shame, and what is weak in the world, that God chose him to make it strong to shame, and that which is low in the world, and that which is despised, that God chose him, that nothing is to destroy that which is nothing, that no flesh should boast before God. 


In the kingdom of God is the foremost of all to not do things in themselves, recognize their own sin and inability that the Lord will have done their work in and through us! Then there is not conduct themselves like this world and judge God's kingdom work on the secular principles of progress and success! In the kingdom of God is what is meant little and call it God utgvelger up and use. God will have all the credit and therefore operates, he rarely if not never, to the fullest, in the great relationships! Individuals can meet God there too. But often overshadowed the work of God where the secularisation and greatness in mind that make God their enemy! While the little man and woman and in the small herd reveals his glory and gives victory over all Djvelens overwhelm even today! Lots Sodomma and Gomorrah fell into wickedness, while Abraham's Revelation tent and camp on land and in the height, God's revelation and power over them. 


James 4:4-8: The incredible! know ye not that friendship with the world is enmity with God? The words that will be the world's friend, he becomes God's enemy. Or think ye that the scripture speaks in vain? With zeal he desires the spirit he caused to dwell in us, but the greater is the grace He gives. Therefore it says: God opposes the proud, the humble he gives grace. Therefore God subject! Resist the devil and he will flee from you, hold you close to God, and he will keep himself close to you! Wash hands, the sinners, and purify your hearts, I double-minded! 


So is one in the day that the LORD saves on the few! Do not be so captivated by the larger contexts and so-called major revivals. Or people who shout loudly about their sukse, prosperity and greatness! Often, the relationships all the signs of apostasy and pride, and lack the fruits that the tree can be recognized by! What is it that we gather thousands if most of them are lost and wandering on the destroyer's path? But today is Jesus Christ the same! He has one victory we can walk into that than it is today gives victory over all the diabolical machinations! Crush your flask in obedience to God's word and let's knit together cry out with a clear trumpet! Then the Lord will confuse the enemy and turning their weapons against each other! 


Dom 7:20: And all the three bands supports the trumpets and broke the pitchers, with the left hand grabbed the torches and with the right hand of trumpets and support them and shouted: Sword of the Lord and for Gideon!

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30.07 | 09:36

Jeg er så enig i det du skriver her. Jeg savner en ren og ekte forkynnelse der Jesu' navn blir opphøyd. Samt en forkynnelse som knytter GT og NT sammen.

18.06 | 06:41

Amen! Vi må regne med trengsel i tiden før Jesus kommer. Om det betyr at vi er i kun trengsels delen eller også Guds vredes delen får tiden vise.

17.06 | 18:58

Mat 24:29  Men straks efter de dagers trengsel skal solen bli formørket, og månen ikke gi sitt skinn, og stjernene skal falle ned fra himmelen, og himmelens krefter skal rokkes. 
Mat 24:30  Og da skal Menneskesønnens tegn vise sig på himmelen, og da skal

07.03 | 17:26

Hei Gjermund Kvamme Denne siden så jeg akkurat nå. Vil gjerne følge dette, for det virker som god og sunn forkynnelse.
Mvh Johnny Fredheim

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