What then is the obstacle?

What is the obstacle?

What is the obstacle?  

In the history about Philip and the c ourtier  in the book of Acts Chapter 8, where Philip has preached the gospel and Jesus as our sacrifice, then ask the courtier in verse 36: See here is water, what then is the obstacle that I be baptized?   Philip responds in V 37: Do you believe with all your heart, it can happen.

Halleluja! This is

Revival in   Practice! 

This is the revival of the practice!  First, a clear proclamation of the Gospel, Jesus death and resurrection of blood purification of our sins, and baptism on your own faith and confession. Repending and turning awway from sin in Jesus name and blood.  This taught Philip and the courtier did it, receives the gospel, and therefore could go the way of baptism.  

It was no longer an obstacle for the courtier to experience revival in his lives.  Had he not believed with all his heart the gospel message that Philip preached there, he had not could have gone the way of baptism.  No mentor or priest can replace this personal faith, and salvation experience that must be present before it can be a Biblical baptism by immersion in water.

Baptism is the beginning and the beginning of a journey in spiritual life and blessing of revival in the individual believer's life. Walking in obediens to the word of Good.  Glory to God and the Lamb!   Wi thout bending in obedience to this truth, you more or less live in a dry land, spiritually speaking!   For the stubborn will live in a dry land, "says the Scripture.

Faith preaching!

Obstacles in Christian life and the life of the church we attend so many things.   Our time is full of straight projections and movements that use of banned goods, and drag the world into the church.   There are several things that hinder the revival of today's churches and God's people.  Things that are an obstacle that we can experience the Divine revival from heaven.  Many things which only leads to apostasy and false awakenings "from the Devil.  

But even if this is the spiritual confusion and backsliding that often characterize certain churches and movements, but not all, we must nevertheless acknowledge that even among those who have a confession to stand before God and stand on the Word of God, so conspicuous revival with its  absence.  Often this is due to the fact that there is a time for everything: A sowing and harvest.  First, it preached a faith, preaching the Word of God before the miracles and the salvation of souls can happen.  For faith comes by hearing, and as we saw of Philip and the courtier saw it must be present for a faith with all your heart before revival can break out.  Therefore, we have an enormous responsibility preachers to preach all of God's word, and promoting faith in the word and faith in Christ to those who listen.  This will eventually create the word is mentioned.

What then is the obstacle?

What can still be a hindrance to revival in our conservative evangelical congregations in the service of God outward testimony has what it takes to be God pleasing and to experience true Biblical revival?   HEAR!   It's Unsettled sins!  Sin is a major barrier.  Even if we are right in all things, that prevented answered prayer and revival flow completely if there is sin in the church.  Isaiah, 59:2: But their unrigtness have made divorce between you and your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you, so he does not hear.  God will not work and answering our prayers for revival before the sin in our midst made up!   Unresolved sin among God's people is the biggest hindrance to revival! 

Abominable injustice! 

Injostice is the foundation for all sin, and the most widespread of all sins among the people of God.   Injustice being committed against brothers and sisters without the request for forgiveness and be restored to the injustice perpetrated!   It can be big things or small things that are said and / or made.   But the common denominator is the sinner who swept under the carpet.   In some cases, asking God for forgiveness while continuing to make the / those people wrong, and it prevents the power of God, and God anoint oil to flow freely in parishes.   The Bible is full of warnings against injustice.   Serious wrongs done exclude us from the sky, while perhaps the less we think not only prevents the answered prayer.   In 5Mos; 25:16 says that whoever does wrong, is an abomination to the Lord your God.   In Matthew, 1:41 p.m.: The Son of man shall send his angels, and they shall gather out of His kingdom everything that causes offense, and those who do wrong, in 1 Corinthians, 6:8-9: But you are doing wrong and injury, and   it against the brothers!   Or know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God?   Moreover, says 1 John, 5:17 that all unrighteousness is sin.   Often, telling the history of revivals that revival has not come before someone in the church come forward and acknowledge that they have wronged brothers and sisters.   Then comes the revival!


It is a common experience in many places to find souls on his knees with seemingly no great need that they get something.   And it is equally plain that the congregations gather for prayer meeting every year for revival without having their prayers answered.  What then is the matter?   Sure, I know it may in some cases, that everything is in order, and prayer, the answer is on the way!   But in anticipation of it, so should any pious elders, committee members and church rummage themselves and ask themselves some questions:

I live in the light of my life?   Have I done any wrong without making amends?  Forfordeler I have in the church?   Have I been too harsh in my verdict against fellow Christians brothers and sisters?   We practice a merciless criticism hard and string?  Are we merciful?   Is there any pride in our hearts?   I have greatness thoughts about myself and my work?   We truly love our brothers and sisters in the church just as loud?  When I look at someone in the church as more important than other?   Is our everyday life frivolous and worldly?   Will the world end of our being and our actions that we are on their side?   Have we done any wrong and failed to make amends?   I favor as a committee of elders, or anyone above anyone else?   If we are burdened by the need for the salvation of souls?   Do we have love for the unsaved?

The list could be made much longer.   Read your Bible!   But common to all these things is that there are both positive and negative obstacles such as poles for the Lord's work among his people.   Let us be honest and call them by their right names.   "Sin" is the word that God uses these things.   The sooner we acknowledge that we have sinned, and are willing to confess and turn from it, the sooner we can expect that God hears our prayers and church and works with his power.   This has been a revival history through the centuries.   Year after year it has been preaching without much results until one of the oldest, teacher, or a servant of the church has broken out in suffering and confession and gone to the person he has wronged and asked for forgiveness.   Or when one of the "premier" women have broken out in tears and confessed publicly that she had maligned one of the other sisters in the church.

Repending and settleements of the injustice gives revival! 

When it happened then, a confession and confrontation with sin and the reason that has long lain fallow are oppbrudt and sin is revealed and acknowledged, then and only then, will the Holy Ghost power and anointing of the Assembly in its full strength, and a   revival is the place!

This is spiritually and metaphorically, really the same as the four men who helped the verkbrudne to Jesus, did when they broke up the roof where Jesus was because they kept the crowd to reach Jesus (Mark Chapter 2).  All wrongs and sins unsettled around the churches are like a steintak or a heaven of copper rods for revival and prayer response to God's people on the spot.   Only by breaking up, recognize, ask for forgiveness to God and to people where they have sinned against them, only then can revival flows go over your church, village and city!   We must die to ourselves.   Humble ourselves under God and each other!

Do You releay think that the Lord will save precious souls into "your" church, just to be hurt by your unjust and unkindness to push them back into the world again, and maybe even an eternal damnation?   No, NO! God has too much love for the souls that he would let it happen!  There are precious souls around the country, which has received a broken gudsliv and service because of uncharitable and senseless leaders and servants in the Wards who should have known better than to treat the sheep in such a way!  Power struggles, posisjonsjag, selfish ambition, grandeur thoughts about themselves, familimedlemmer supporting and pushing each other up instead of those who God has called, chosen and put to service in their respective churches.

I know even though both the evangelists and other servants of the Lord who is both inactive at home, or in the worst cases, the apostate streets of intoxication because of sin, and especially wrong sin, which is committed against them by the congregations and their leaders.   The churches will never experience answered prayer and revival of heaven before those who sinned are either gone, dead, or has made up his sin with God and the people concerned!

Obstruction cleared by the way! 

Oh dear friend, brother and sister!   May you not be left back standing when Jesus comes back because your unrepentant and hard heart!  As surely as night follows day, so follow the judgement on sin.  It does not let injustice prevail on holy ground / in the Church without this having consequences.   In the first hand prevents revival grace streams to flow.   You are unsettled by your sin to hinder revival and answered prayer in your life.  Do you have in addition a prominent ministry in the church, so you prevent revival of the church at each place.   In the next hand, you can go forever lost because of your sin.  Not all sin is death!   There are degrees of sin, the Word tells us.  But is it in the eyes of God seriously enough, so it does not help if so our name was TB Barrat, if we had won thousands of God, prophecy, speaking in tongues and preached as the crowd enthused: An Unresolved shame is enough!

Of course we can get forgiveness of sins by the Lord in one now, but the revival, progress in life and God answered prayer comes only when we have satisfied our sins against our fellow human beings.   I speak here about the sin and injustice committed after that we were saved.   1 John, 1:9: If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.   All unrighteousness is cleaned away in the precious blood of Jesus when we confront injustice and sin!
Then the revival and progress!   Obstruction has been cleared for revival of the road!  There is therefore no longer an obstacle for revival in your and my life!   Hallelujah!  Blessed be the God and the Lamb!

By Evangelist Gjermund Kvamme

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Jeg er så enig i det du skriver her. Jeg savner en ren og ekte forkynnelse der Jesu' navn blir opphøyd. Samt en forkynnelse som knytter GT og NT sammen.

18.06 | 06:41

Amen! Vi må regne med trengsel i tiden før Jesus kommer. Om det betyr at vi er i kun trengsels delen eller også Guds vredes delen får tiden vise.

17.06 | 18:58

Mat 24:29  Men straks efter de dagers trengsel skal solen bli formørket, og månen ikke gi sitt skinn, og stjernene skal falle ned fra himmelen, og himmelens krefter skal rokkes. 
Mat 24:30  Og da skal Menneskesønnens tegn vise sig på himmelen, og da skal

07.03 | 17:26

Hei Gjermund Kvamme Denne siden så jeg akkurat nå. Vil gjerne følge dette, for det virker som god og sunn forkynnelse.
Mvh Johnny Fredheim

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